Firestone Tyres Banner Sign and vintage snow sleds

Feeling Nostalgic?

What you choose to display in your home can say a lot about you. It can say a lot about your sense of style, your personality, and your sense of nostalgia. The things you display can let people entering your home know if you are practical, fun-loving, creative, trendy, or whether you have a unique style that is all your own. The most important thing to remember is to fill your home with items you love. Luckily for most, the memorabilia people collect comes with a feeling of “I’ve seen that before”, and you must have loved the piece the first time you saw it to remember it. This is a very fun way to show your personality and styling with memorabilia can be just as rewarding as style with antiques.

Decorative Antique Advertising collection in Auckland New Zealand

Memorabilia can include a lot of different things. It can include collectables from popular movie franchises, popular name brands of food and candy items like Whitakers and Tip Top ice cream, and even memorabilia from your favourite television show from when you were a kid. You can also find fun collectible items like teacups, porcelain figures, salt and pepper shakers, and even retro neon signs. These items are fun to collect and display in your home. They will add character to any room you choose to display them in. You can find memorabilia at local markets such as The Central Flea Market in Auckland, Tamahere Market in Hamilton and The Lions Club Market in Cambridge to name a few.

If you are looking for some great memorabilia to display you have already found it. Here at Elsie Wolfe Wondrous Antiques we have a large personal collection of memorabilia and advertising which means we also stock an excellent selection of original advertising signs, not all items are on our website so come and check out our show room today. Please use the link below to organize a time.

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