Boutique Dried Flower Arrangements

Modern design trends have seen flowers leave the garden and enter our homes through elegant preserved flower decorations. The beauty of dried flowers is that they won’t wilt and wain on you like fresh flowers, instead remaining as radiant as ever for months to come. Introduce a floral touch to your interior design with our range of dried flower arrangements.

We provide everything from wreaths to bouquets and vase arrangements; explore our range of preserved flower decorations below.

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10 products

The Essential Guide to Styling Your Preserved Flowers

Popular in the 1980s, dried flower arrangements have seen a real resurgence in recent years as modern interior design goes all-natural. Preserved flowers look amazing and last far longer than fresh flowers, making them the ideal accents to any home design. Explore some of our favourite tips for utilising dried flowers in your home.

Go for An Opaque Vase

While a clear vase is great for fresh flowers, we recommend an opaque vase for dried arrangements. An opaque vase will make your arrangement stand out while hiding distracting stems from view. Dried flowers have a naturally rustic quality to them. You can play into this by displaying them in antique ceramics, tin canisters or old pottery. Get creative with your vase and find what works for you!

Find Their Good Side and Stick to It

Our persevered flowers and arranged so there is a clear front position. The focal flowers are pushed forward while supporting blooms and foliage are at the back. Keep this in mind when displaying your flower arrangement, and ensure the focal flowers are facing forward.

Consider Size and Surface Space

Always consider the size of your flower arrangement and the surface area where you will put them. If your arrangement is on the larger side, it may overwhelm a small side table. Similarly, a daintier bouquet of dried flowers may get swallowed up by larger chests of draws. Be conscious of what you have and where it’s going.

Think Outside the Vase

Dried flowers don’t always have to be displayed in a vase. There’s plenty more you can do with them! Consider getting a wreath or wall-hanging arrangement to create a beautiful backdrop.

Add a Floral Touch to Your Home Today

Bring your interior design into full bloom with our range of dried flower arrangements. Due to their long-lasting life cycle, preserved flowers make for the perfect gift. Explore our range online today, or give us a call to find out more