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Salvage Place specialises in hunting down antique European and Kiwiana items. We search high and low to uncover hidden treasures to make your home décor unique. Whether you’re looking for industrial furniture straight from the factory floor of the industrial revolution or decorative signs that will transport you back to simpler times, our vintage store has something for everyone!

Browse our collection online or take a closer look by visiting our Auckland-based vintage store today.

What to Expect with Salvage Place.

Rare Items in Great Condition

We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the best and most unique antiques Aotearoa and Europe have to offer. While other vintage stores will specialise in a certain area of antiques, we are a jack of all trades, picking up anything interesting and old. We have a wide array of items from all corners of the world and various areas of interest.

Missed Out on an Item? Don’t Worry

If you’ve been eyeing up one of our items only for it to be snapped up before you had the chance to purchase it, don’t worry! Our team will work with you to find a similar item to ensure you get that special piece for your home. Our extensive network of collectors and suppliers ensures that allusive antique is never too far from reach.

New Zealand’s Leading Vintage Store

Get lost in the wonderful world of antiques with Salvage Place. As New Zealand’s leading vintage store, we supply a range of unique items that will make a statement within your home. Browse online, or visit our store in Auckland for a closer look.