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We offer a simple and effective day by day rental scheme for the film industry as well as all other performing arts. To find out more, contact us here.

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Gilt Brasserie

Josh Emett, a well-known celebrity chef from shows like Masterchef and Hellskitchen, has just opened Gilt, a new brasserie in Auckland City. The 130-seat eatery, which is located at the corner of Chancery and O'Connell Streets, has undergone a significant renovation to make way for a layered setting intended to take customers from day to night. Here, you can grab a handcrafted deli sandwich to go or just unwind with a martini at the bar.



One of the best things about having a physical location for your company is the retail window displays. Aesop is aware of this and continues to provide its clients extremely distinctive and artistically created displays. You can now find these displays at their High Street and New Market stores in Auckland thanks to our successful collaboration with Aesop!


Bendon Lingerie

In order to advertise an intriguing new product line, Bendon Lingerie approached Salvage Place in the hopes that we might provide them with a couple of our items to meet their brief. The shoot's backdrop had a Parisian feel, and we were able to find some wonderful early cast iron railings from a Herne Bay renovation. These handrails matched their requirements exactly.


The Butcher Baker - Helensville

We had the impression that Richard and Aisha knew what they were doing right away after meeting them, and we were right. The Butcher Baker looks amazing! Elsie Wolfe provided The Butcher Baker with vintage furniture.
The historic brick structure (once a butcher and a bakery) has been converted into a light and airy room, and the classic Belgian school chairs with bag and coat hooks truly fit very well.



Sweet Tooth - Netflix

The production of Sweet Tooth was filmed in and around Auckland. The Essex County Zoo's exterior is represented by St. Stephen's School (Bombay), a historic boys' school. They also shot in Motat, the Awhitu Peninsula, Ngatea, and Warkworth, giving us the chance to provide the show with film props.


Our Flag Means Death, Season 2 - HBO MAX

Our Flag Means Death's first season was filmed in Los Angeles. The crew faced some technological challenges while filming a sea-themed production there. Fortunately for New Zealand, the programme has some of our top-notch performers, helping to bring season 2's production to our country. Filming a pirate programme on an island encircled by water makes sense.


Remarkables Market- Queenstown

The Red Barn in Queenstown's Remarkables Park is home to the weekly Remarkables Market. This location, which overlooks The Remarkables mountain range, is where you can taste local foods, souvenirs, and crafts while drinking coffee and eating breakfast with friends and family while listening to live music.

We supplied Remarkables Market with hard to find iron gates and garden antiques.



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Film Prop And Movie Rental

Our Buy Back Scheme

We offer a simple and effective day by day rental scheme for the film industry as well as all other performing arts. To find out more, contact us here.

This scheme works well at taking the stresses our of staging.

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