Old Farmhouse Table with stools in modern home

3 Upbeat Elements that Will Set Your Home Décor Apart

One of the most popular reasons to visit any antique store, including Elsie Wolfe Wondrous Antiques, is to find unique items that will set your home décor apart from trends. Here at Elsie Wolfe, we offer an exclusive selection of furniture, collectibles and decor to help you find the perfect piece to complete your dream or help you achieve the offbeat style that you’re looking for. Of course, many people would like to give their home décor some personal flair, but not everyone has an idea of how to achieve that sense of whimsy or quirkiness. In this article, we’ll go over three elements that can help you break free of tradition.

Mismatched Dining Chairs- One simple way to breathe some creative life into your home décor is to include pieces that do not match, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to mix up your dining room chairs. Mismatched dining chairs create a more casual, inviting atmosphere, and give you the chance to experiment with a variety of colours, patterns, and styles. It is handy to know that single chairs are easily accessible at op shops and markets. Feel free to check out our chair collection here.

Fun Bookshelves or an Antique Kitchen Hutch- Modern bookshelves tend to make a space feel more serious and somber. If you want to mix up your home décor, you can give your bookshelves a makeover: paint the backs to provide a pop of colour, mix up your shelving order to create visual interest, or add some quirky pieces. Another great item similar to a bookshelf is an antique kitchen hutch, usually a lot more exciting, they also have plenty of areas to show your quirky pieces.

Signage- Another way to make your home décor distinct is to include typographic elements such as antique signage. Enamel signs are a great way to give your space some old-school charm without making it stuffy. Enamel signs were made in a way that makes them near impossible to fade, even in direct sunlight so are perfect for that wall that gets some sun. They tell a story through their various chips and rust spots and they also offer opportunities for humor as we certainly don’t advertise like we used to. Here at Elsie Wolfe we stock a large range of original signs, click here to view the collection.